Mothers and Sons

 1995 first published by Allen and Unwin, Australia
 1995 paperback edition published by Allen and Unwin, Australia

 Based on frank and revealing interviews with mothers and sons of all ages, Babette Smith's ground-  breaking book tells the truth about this crucial relationship. She probes behind the myths and the  silences to uncover some surprising answers.

 Many middle-aged sons confess to being bored in their mother's company. Many say they felt  unloved as children, but have forgotten that masculine pressures made them reject their mothers'  affection. On the other hand,mothers are afraid of being too possessive, too seductive or too  domineering with their sons.

 Today's young sons often have better relationships with their mothers, but the old patterns persist.  Mothers and Sons may help to bridge the gulf between women and men.


What they said:

With compassion, frankness and insight, Babette Smith exposes the dangers of gender stereotypes and encourages a more realistic appreciation of the needs which are unique to every relationship.
Hugh Mackay

...fascinating and poignant insights into the changing nature of mother-son relationships
Bettina Arndt

A compassionate, insightful and timely exploration of a core element in male identity...
Terry Colling, author of Beyond Mateship

As the mother of two sons, I want everyone to read it
Wendy McCarthy AO